Jixin Window Material
1. Timber
Through the material strength, hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, color finishing, deformation resistance in the using process, and many other considerations, Frame bodies and sashes of Jixin pure wood windows and doors, aluminum clad wood windows and doors, wood and aluminum composite windows and doors are mainly  made by imported Oak Glulam and Larch Glulam.
Raw Materials of Glued-laminated Timber
Raw materials of Glued-laminated Timber which Jixin windows and doors adopt are all imported natural wood materials.
Oak, which is abound in Russia, North America, Korea, India and many other countries. It has strong adaptability and can resist dry and barren, and has strong cold resistance, which could endure low temperature of -50 . Oak material is heavy and firm, wood radiation is clear, possesses high mechanical strength, good coloring performance and bending properties, strong fire resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance
Larch, which is abound in terrain of elevation below 3,500 meters on Altai Mountains and north latitude 50 to 71 degrees of Eurasian Continent. It’s tree vigor is tall and upright, root system is well-developed, usually has strong adaptability, which could grow and develop at both peat swamp land and extreme dry and mountainous sloping land. Larch material is toughness and tensile, whose Knot is few, grain is straight, has strong strength of compression resistance and powerful capability of bending resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.
2. Aluminum Timber
High Quality Aluminum Alloy Sections

Jixin wood and aluminum composite windows and doors adopt heat insulating bridge-cut-off aluminum alloy, which is national exemption sections.
Both sides of heat insulating bridge-cut-off aluminum alloy section is aluminum material, and in the middle adopts super heat-insulating nylon strip PA66 (+ GF) as insulation materials. This innovative structural design give attention to advantages of both nylon and aluminum materials, in the mean time, it could meet a variety of requirements of decorative effect, window and door strength and ageing-resistant performance. Its Specific features are as follows:
(1) Good thermal insulation. It adopts heat-insulation sections and soft combination between the inside and outside frames. Frames are combined with one tape and two wool tops which could form three-sealing pattern, therefore they could be closed tightly and possess excellent properties of airtight, watertight and insulation performance.
 (2) Waterproof Founction. Using the Pressure Balance Theory to design structural drainage systems, design slope down ladders, establish outfalls, drainage could flow smoothly, and the water tightness is good.
(3) Prevent frosting and dewing. Heat insulating bridge-cut-off aluminum alloy section could realize three channel leakproof structure, which could separate the water and air cavity properly, implement air and water equipressure balance successfully, enhance the water proofness and air tightness prominently, and achieve the effect of cleaness and brightness.
(4) Control noise and sound insulation. The structure is designed meticulously,  and seams are tight and close. The test result is as following: Air sound insulation volume could reach 30 - 40db, which could ensure inhabitants whom live within 50m to both sides of the highway from the noise disturbance. Therefore, even if your house is adjacent to the downtown, It also could ensures your rooms quiet and warm.
3. High Quality Standardized Hardware
Jixin Window Industrial Co., Ltd. have established strategic partnerships with four famous brands of hardware in Europe - ROTO, GU, MACO and SIEGNIA, we could choose different hardware for customers according to different project demand. The hardware Jixin company adopts has the following characteristics:
(1) Easy and simple to handle: you only need to change the handle’s intersection angle to realize various opening function.
(2) Beautiful and clean: Hardware and Linkage are hidden in windows and doors’ hardware channels, which are standardized and serialized, and could be maintained conveniently.
(3) Three-dimensional adjustability: On the bearing seat, there are up, down, left and right adjustment screws. All lock points, lock blocks, hinges, and Shafts can be adjusted to ensure the open flexibility.
(4) Strong bearing capacity: could meet the maximum sash self weight 130 kg.
(5) High Security: Sash frames are fixed through dowels barbed in the window frames, latches and the lock blocks are designed in sealing patterns, which have powerful anti-theft performance. If you have special requirements for windows and doors, we could install the opening and closing Status Monitors and alarm devices.
(6) Increase and ensure the wind resistance, air tightness, and sound insulation of windows and doors.
All the flat open and suspend window hardware adopted by Jixin windows and doors could assemble with anti-misuse devices, thus could effectively prevent all kinds of false operation, that is they could not be top-suspended in the flat-open position, and could not be flat-opened in the top-suspend position. In the meantime, these components also have functions of raising sashes and protection, that is during the window and door close process, they could upgrade and push sashes into the correct locations of window frames smoothly.
4. Glass
Jixin Windows and Doors Mainly Adopt High-quality Hollow Glass
Hollow glass is a new and good building material with advantages of heat insulation, sound insulation, aesthetics application, and could reduce the self-weight of buildings. It is usually made by two or more pieces of glass, the glass and aluminum alloy frames containing desiccant are bonded together by high strength and high air tightness composite binder, and then create high-performance and sound insulating glass. It has the following characteristics:
Good Energy Conservation
1) The sealing performance between hollow glass and around framework system is excellent, which could prevent the direct exchanging and convection of the air inside and outside of window frames, which could largely reduce the energy loss.
2) Hollow glass interior space structure is designed reasonablly, and the sealing performance is excellent, which could weak the convection of air interior, inside and outside of the glass, which could reduce the energy loss.
3) Rational distribution of hollow glass interval layer thickness can minimize the energy transmission through radiation form, thus could reduce the energy loss.
4) Hollow glass chamber is filled with dry air, and there is desiccant which could adsorb water molecules, and effectively reduce the energy transfer by way of conduction, thereby could reduce the energy loss.
In addition to hollow glass, we could also choose LOW-E glass, heat-reflective coating glass, laminated safety glass, fireproofing glass, bullet-proof glass according to the project demand.
5. Painting
Jixin windows and doors adopt Germany imported Rmmers special window and door paint refined from natural vegetable oil. Construction uses technology of anti-virus, pest control, water-resistant, high permeability primer combined with color paint. The paint film made can create durable wood surface protection layer this protective layer has a lotus leaf effect, which could make the water droplets formed initially  can be easily creeped down and decline in the influence of water on the timber, and then reach very good performances of waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet and ease of wood cracking and deformation; At the same time, the transparent color system could not only reflect the wood’s natural grain effect, but also have natural color’s decorative effect, which is non-toxic taste and environmental protection.
6Adhesive Tape
When Jixin company selects the adhesive tapes for windows and doors, we should consider the location’s climate characteristics, adhesive tape’s cross-section pattern, adhesive tape’s compression ratio and hardness. Usuallly we mainly adopt high-quality EPDM sealing tapes.
Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber is created through solution copolymerization of ethylene and propylene, and then introducing the third monomer (ENB). EPDM rubber is essentially a saturated superpolymer, which have pretty good aging resistance, good weather resistance, good chemical resistance, good impact elasticity Performance
7. Lattice Bar
From primitive simplicity and freshness of Chinese style windows and doors to liberty and ebullience of American style windows and doors, which is not only embodied by the size of window and door profiles, but much more intuitively embodied by window and door decorating lattice bars.
Jixin windows and doors adopt high quality aluminum decorating lattice bars, which is smooth and have good molding and diverse surface treatment capacity. Lattice bar surface can be anodized, electrostatic powder coating, fluorocarbon coating, electrophoresis coating and other kinds of artistic treatment, which can prevent the overall results from monotonous and single feeling, and make styles varied freely.
8. Accessories
Screen Windows and Doors
Jixin windows and doors can select and match the screen windows and screen doors easily:

All Jixin inward-open windows can select outside-hanging fastening screen windows, which could be expediently assembled and disassembled in rooms.
All Jixin inward and flat open doors and sliding doors can select flat-open screen doors, opposite-direction-Open screen doors, and sliding screen doors.
Personalized Accessories
Jixin Windows and doors can be equipped with door closer, manual window openers, electric window openers, skylight open devices, door bottom block dust strips, wood shutters, aluminum roller shutters and other kinds of personalized accessories.