As the continuous elevation of people’s demand for living environment, the adoption of energy-saving windows and doors in people’s life has become an important point. When European-style windows and doors were introduced into the Chinese market from Europe, they immediately attracted people’s attention with their excellent quality and superior performance.
From the general comparison of the practical application of European-style and common doors and windows, we can see that the adoption of European-style high-grade doors and windows have largely upgraded the overall housing Configuration, improved the grade and increased the selling point of the real estate, which contribute significantly to the sale of real estate. Realtors have got the experience of success, and have been gradually accepted the humanistic point of view of European-style doors and windows.
In recent years, the developers for large villa areas always employ well-known designers from Hong Kong or abroad to do the model designs, so these designers are bringing the European villa style into domestic real estate industry, meanwhile the European-style doors and windows have become one of the major bright spot. Therefore the European-style doors and windows have broad market prospects for the future villa construction.
Jixin Window Industrial Co., Ltd took the lead to introduce a full set of European window and door manufacturing systems, and which have equiped the door and window production with particularities of thermal insulation, energy-saving, noise insulation and amortization, various and safety open way, aesthetics and elegant and so on.As to the material selection, Jixin Window Industrial Co., Ltd mainly adpots the substrate of importing larch and oak timber and world-class ROTO hardware, coupled with high-quality insulating glass, and combined with the use of EPDM sealing strip, all of which ensure the excellent performance of the window products.
Thermal Insulation and Energy-Saving: 40% of the Indoor energy is released by windows and doors, therefore good windows and doors can play good role of Thermal insulation and Energy-saving, and for owner they can effectively save air-conditioning, heating and other expenses. Traditional doors and windows usually adopt plastic, aluminum alloy as material. Although Toughened Plastics (PVC) have the property of low thermal conductivity, but easy to aging and deformation, the sealing performance is poor, and the Thermal insulation of the whole window and door is not so good; Aluminum-type windows are made of high thermal conductivity materials, so the thermal insulation role is poor. Although most of the modern aluminum windows profiles are broken bridge structure, but the structure of aluminum and aluminum contact is inevitable, therefore comparingly the performance of Thermal insulation is also not so good. These two kinds of windows have a common weakness: the angle intensity is poor, contrastly speaking, life is not long, generally 15-35 years. The main material Jixin windows and doors is imported integration timber, which is a low-conductivity material, and combined with the use of insulating glass could give a better security of overall thermal performance for windows and doors; Processing of wood windows is based on mortise and glued composition of wood, and therefore the integrity of windows and doors is good, angle intensity is high, and thus own a long life, which usually can reach to 80 years.
Excellent Sound Insulation Performance:Jixin windows and doors adopt the three-layer sealing design: outer, middle and inside sealing programme, coupled with the adoption of hollow glass, can effectively prevent noise, and their noise reduction performance could rise up to 45db. Therefore for the residents living in the downtown, Jinxin Wondows and doors could surely offer them with a pretty quiet living space.
Diversity of Open Way:Jixin windows and doors use the German-importing hardware with strong load-bearing capacity and flat open and inward-inverted design concepts, which could increase the overall aesthetics of architectures. Inward-open way could facilitate cleaning, inward-inverted way is conducive to ventilation, thereby could maintain the advantages of high toughness, flexible opening and simple operation, also could avoid sashs occupying the interior space. Therefore Jixin windows and doors could save interior space and make the whole room appear bright and spacious.
Excellent Color Coordination and Housing Grade Promotion: Jixin windows and doors use timber as the main material, which could integrate with the modern home-decoration concept. The painting color could with match with that of floor and furniture, and highlight the housing owner’s personality and taste, which is the effect Aluminum-type windows and PVC windows difficult to achieve. Furthermore the adoption of natural wood can improve the ecology of home life, and enhance the performance of environmental protection and aesthetics.